16 Awesome Family Activities in Breckenridge CO

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16 Awesome Family Activities in Breckenridge CO

Think of Breckenridge and skiing comes to mind. This town is so synonymous with the sport that it consistently ranks in the list of favorite ski resorts in the USA. But not everyone who comes to Breckenridge is coming to careen down the snow-covered slopes. There are lots of other fun things to do in this town that don’t get talked about enough. Skiing enthusiasts, their families, and everyone else will be happy to know that there is a diversity of exciting experiences waiting to be explored in Breckenridge. If you have been thinking of visiting this famous ski resort but wondered what else to do besides skiing, you will love this post. Also, if you’re searching for a vacation location with something beyond the ordinary, here you will find fourteen great reasons to consider Breckenridge.

1. Breckenridge Fun Park; From July through early September, Breckenridge Resorts transforms into a fun park and opens for plenty of summer fun. Ride a mountain bike, zip down a 2,500 feet roller coaster track, experience the winding rush of the Alpine Super Slide, or try the Rockpile Climbing Wall.

2. Kayak Tours and Rentals; Rent a kayak for one or two and enjoy drifting on the Blue River or Lake Dillon. If you want family and friends with you, rent a raft for up to five persons and go have fun on the water while watching the local scenery. 

3. Ten Mile Flyer Zip Line; This audacious zip line spans just over 390 feet in its first stage and stretches an astounding 1,095 feet in the second run! In some parts of the exhilarating ride, you will be lurching down the line 50 feet in the air at 45 miles/hour.

4. Breckenridge Gold Runner Alpine Coaster; The Gold Runner Alpine Coaster is a fixed track that takes you through heart-wrenching twists, dips, and turns – above the ski runs and through enchanting forests – to deliver you 2,500 feet at the bottom. It is open every day in summer and winter.

5. Breckenridge Historical Walking Tour; Having fun doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. On this 90-minute walking history tour, for $5-$10, you can wander through the store district of Breckenridge and get treated to stories of the gold rush, crazy adventurers, and the most inspiring people from one hundred years ago.


6. Wine Tasting and Wine Blending; If your thing is not spirits or beer but wine, get that at Continental Divide Winery on Main Street Station. Beyond wine-tasting, you can spend your day blending. Mix 100% Californian wines to create flavors of your own and get to take your special blend with you!

7. Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships; These are not your average snow sculpting. These sculptures are actual works of art. Competitors need a lot of skill and tons of patience because these exhibits take hours to complete. But you can just sit by the sidelines and watch the amazing transformation of ordinary snow.

8. Breckenridge Gold Mine Tour; Walk the paths trodden by miners from more than one hundred years ago when you tour the Country Boy Mine. Established in 1877, its chilly pits - 1,000 ft underground – were nationally famous; well-known for copious gold and silver productions, plus contributions to WWI and WWII.

9. Breckenridge Recreation Center; This is a great place for families with small children. There are lots of things for the little ones to do like zip down the water slide, have fun with the whirlpool, or splash in the shallow end of the pool. Meanwhile, adults can put in some workouts at the gym.

10. Free Gondola Rides; Even if you’re not skiing or snowboarding, you can still enjoy free gondola rides to the base of the ski area’s Peak 7 or 8. The 20-minute ride will take you through Moose territory in the high-alpine wetland and over Cucumber Gulch. You can stop for hot chocolate along the way.

11. Breckenridge Saloon Tour and Breckenridge Brewery; Get to know about the origins of one of America’s most famous beer brands when you tour Breckenridge Brewery, the capital of Craft breweries. You can also indulge your taste buds with the best spirits on the historic saloon tours of Breckenridge.

12. Shop Breckenridge; Find anything you want – furnishings, jewelry, antiques, food, housewares, art by local artists, clothes, or knickknacks to use souvenirs – in the storefronts of Breckenridge or at the Outlet mall near Dillon. Get everything from cheap apparel to exotic luxury brands.

13. Dog Sledding; Kids really love this one, as children as young as five are allowed to take the helm. There are different routes and lots of huskies, each with a unique personality and a propensity to play. The guides are also very informative and the dogs love to bark as they run.

14. Backstage Theatre; For a relaxed evening of entertainment, try the Backstage Theater. The Backstage Theater is a non-profit that produces amazing community performances. Plays are on show every evening and tickets cost between $20 and $40.

15. Riverwalk Performing Arts Center; Home to the National Repertory Orchestra and the Breckenridge Music Festival. You will hear everything from Mozart to Motown. Check out NROMusic.com or https://breckmusic.org/.

16. Breckenridge Arts District; A unique mix of exhibitions and classrooms set in some of our finest historic buildings. Come learn a new hobby at; https://www.breckcreate.org/explore/arts-district/