92% of buyers consider open houses useful

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Open House Season is at its peak. List your home today for maximum impact.

While online marketing is a key strategy to selling a home, hosting an open house is a prominent marketing tool. Open houses not only give your home some much needed visibility, they also bring buyers directly to you.

Below are four ways an open house helps you sell your home:

  1. It's More Convenient - Scheduling multiple private showings can take weeks, whereas a one-day open house allows multiple buyers to view the home at their own pace.
  2. Useful Feedback - Comment cards from buyers will help us to understand what buyers are most interested in and what changes we need to make.
  3. Shorter Time on Market - When a home is priced right, more exposure can mean fewer days on the market.
  4. Show Off the Community - Your community is an important feature of your home. Provide information about restaurants, community centers and schools in your area.

Many buyers choose to tour open houses for a first look before requesting private tours. Call me today to discuss how an open house can attract serious buyers to your home.