Assess Your Goals for Retirement Before Moving

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Assess Your Goals for Retirement Before Searching for the Best Places to Retire

After you do, you will find that Breckenridge and Summit County Colorado makes an excellent choice.

1.      Why am I looking to relocate?  Want to live longer and healthier? Nearly 80% of those getting ready to retire cite health as their #1 concern. In Summit County, CO we live active healthy lives longer about 8 years longer than the average American. 

2.      What do I want out of a home? Fresh Air, Peace and Quiet, Friendly Neighbors? We can offer that too. 

3.      Who do I want to spend time with? We have a senior center with a wide variety of programs, including games and social opportunities, health and fitness classes and outings, group trips, computer seminars. There’s a ski club, bike club, hiking club and many more. We have lots of volunteer opportunities with local non-profits. The opportunities for making new friends is extensive. And your old friend will want to come visit as well. 

4.      What do I want to be doing? Hopefully hiking, biking, fishing, SUP, golfing, skiing, snow shoeing and Apres Skiing. 

5.      What legacy do you want to leave? Your family will remember and love you for decades if they inherit your Rocky Mountain Dream Home. The equity could put several grandkids through college.

6.      Where do you want to live vs where do you want to travel? Colorado is centrally located to the entire US, close to Mexico and the Caribbean and halfway between Europe and Hawaii. We are driving distance to most of the best National Parks in the USA. However every one will tell you living here is like being on vacation 24/7/365.