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1. Just in Case you didn't get this; Ullr Fest is Moved to December; I didn't want any of my friends to miss this so I am putting it up again. After 50 years of Ullr being Honored in January the town has moved the celebration to December 11-15th, 2019. Schedule is on my blog; December Events; Unforgettable 

2. Come See the New Peak 8: After 5 years of planning, temporary buildings and construction mess the new gateway to Peak 8 is ready to welcome you.  The Grand Colorado complex is located next to the Rocky Mountain Super Chair and allows one stop for all your needs. The ground level houses the skier services, day care and is accessed by a bus stop and skier drop off. Escalators take you up to the slope level where you will find a ski shop and lift ticket windows. Coming in December are a coffee shop and slopeside heated plaza for relaxing and taking it all in. 

3. Be Aware of The New Traction Law; New this year from September to May passenger vehicles are required to have snow tires, mud-snow tires, all wheel drive, 4WD or chains. If you are stopped without one of these the fine is $130. If you block the road and don't comply the fine is $650. Having 4WD or all wheel drive with snow tires is the best option and be aware that most airport rental companies do not offer snow tires on any vehicle. A great option is to take the shuttle to Summit County and then rent from a local company, most of which have snow tires as standard equipment, especially if you are staying outside of town.