Breckenridge International Snow Sculptures


Breckenridge International Snow Sculptures

Click the pic to see the step by step process from block to art. 25 tons of foot packed snow is transformed into the most amazing sculptures. From abstract to figures.


Snow Sculpting teams come from around the world to compete every year for the last 28 years. Come on up this week to enjoy one of the most unique events you will see anywhere. Mega blocks of snow are transformed into delicate works of art. Carving begins Monday 1/22 at 11am. Judging is Friday 1/26 at 6pm. Come watch the process, each day brings out more detail of each sculpture. My favorite event of the year. Here's to many more. 

hqdefault1-In the beginning saws, barbed wire and crowbars are used to get the general dimensions. No power tools are allowed. Some of the trim is actually cut down, shaped and reattached as detail later on.

hqdefault22-Smaller tools like hole saws and ice chippers bring the sculpture to it's fruition. Even though it looks great it is far from done. 

hqdefault33-The detail takes many hours. Long after most of us would say "good enough" these guys spend the night before the judging, in near zero temperatures, putting on the final touches. Sandpaper, dental tools, ice picks, spray bottles. Whatever it takes.