Breckenridge; Ski to May 31 then come enjoy summer

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**Summer Events yet to be announced; Come See Us!**

While we wait to see how the event schedule is going to pan out this summer don't be fooled; there is lots to do in Breckenridge any day of the year with or without an event. Click here for our local guide to summer. 

Breckenridge will be sending out surveys to locals to get their feedback on which events are most positive for the town. The town council's emphasis has switched from building business to promoting community and good will. With this in mind they are going to require new events to donate a portion of proceeds to a local non-profit as well as promoting sustainability and social equity. We'll see how this pans out. In the meantime I am sure the music and parades will return as we move back to normalcy.  

I hope you're staying healthy and planning on seeing us this Summer, we've been having a blast!

As always, I appreciate you. If you can think of anything I can do to help make your life easier today, please let me know.