Summit County Looks to Reopen Lodging June 1


Summit County has officially petitioned the state to reopen all short term lodging beginning June 1. Currently hotels statewide are allowed to be open but individual properties are not allowed to do nightly stays. In Summit County second homeowners have also been discouraged from visiting. Restaurants would also be allowed to reopen under the variance. 

Short-term lodging facilities be required to implement physical distancing measures. This includes signage and space configuration to ensure a 6-foot distance between guests, employees and anyone else who enters the property. They also must provide protective measures by requiring masks, performing health screenings and providing personal protective equipment.

Lodging owners must also follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing areas. All common areas except for lobbies will be locked off from public use.

We pray there is a vaccine soon that can allow us to return to getting back together. Stay safe, stay healthy.