Summit County Short Term Rental Situation

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Here is the latest from Summit County; 

Summit County is looking at different license types for different types of properties in different areas. Just as Summit County is diverse, so too are the types of STRs that exist. The county is considering creating three distinct license types that would correspond to how STRs are used:

Type I is a primary-residence STR where the homeowner lives onsite.
Type II is an STR owned by a second-homeowner with a limit on the number of nights it can be rented.
Type III is a lodging business STR that can be rented every night of the year.
Summit County is considering allowing all license types in resort areas. In neighborhood areas, Summit County is considering allowing Types I and II, and Type III licenses (lodging businesses) would be more limited.

If you have property in the County and would like to provide feedback here is a link to a survey;