Wildfire Prevention


Create Defensible Space Around Your Home

The Summit Association of Realtors and their insurance company partners are working to educate and encourage their clients and the public about the importance of voluntary wildfire mitigation on their property and  in their communities. 

Mitigation Recommendations include but are not limited to; 

1. Reduce or eliminate vegetation around the house

2. Thin to create "vegetation clusters" within 70 feet of your home

3. No trees or brush within 10 feet of a propane tank

4. No branches overhanging roof or within 15 feet of chimney

5. Non-flammable roofs

6. No wood fences, trellises or combustible wood structures within 30 fee of the home

7. Non-combustible mesh over all gutters, vent soffits, chimney and stovepipe outlets 

Can't afford the cost of Wildfire Mitigation? Apply for a defensible Space Grant from the Summit Association of Realtors. Contact Sarah Thorsteinson, SAR Executive Director at 970-468-8700 or sarah@SARSummit.com 

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