You Don't Need to Market Your Property

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Did you know that; 

2020 was a RECORD YEAR by 22% over our previous record?!
That 2021 $ volume was $3,053,165,389; UP 31% over 2020?!
Median Days on the Market for all sales under $2M was 4 Days?!
At 4 DOM you don't need to market your property, you need an experienced agent with a solid plan to get the most buyers through your home with the least discomfort and a solid plan to sort out the multiple offers to make sure; 
You Come Out in The Best Position Possible. 

We have entered a new paradigm in the selling of real estate in Summit County. Everything we used to hold as principles since the beginning of the industry has vaporized. Instead of multiple properties for sale for each buyer and they could pick their favorite one we now have multiple buyers for each property available and the seller gets to pick their favorite one.

 ****Sellers are in a great position right now.****